Meet Your June Resident of the Month


Resident of the Month: George M. 

George was born on February 18, 1941 in Bethel Township, PA. There he lived with his grandparents on a farm with 38 milk cows. He attended Francis Harvey Green School until the 7th grade.  

At the age of 16, he applied for a job at the Frazer Steel Mill, working 7 days a week in 148 degree temperatures for 40 years. His spare time included cheering for the Dodgers Baseball Team and volunteering at the Bethel Township Fire Company.  

George married three times in his life; he and his second wife were married for 26 years and had a son, Shawn, who has four children. George says his third wife, who died after too short a time, was a ‘wonderful woman’ who took great care of him.  

George is a stomach cancer survivor of 38 years and credits God with curing him. He gives these words of advice, “Get rid of the cigarettes and guns; they kill too much!” George is still new at Regency and looks forward to getting to know others and says his roommate is the best!