Meet Your September Resident of the Month!

Gregory Altimore was born on January 27, 1949, in Canton, Ohio, home of the Football Hall of Fame. He attended Lincoln High School, where he played football. He and his 9 siblings would go to a nearby field to play ball games; they had the whole team. He was also an Eagle Scout.  

Gregory’s first job was at 16, cleaning a bar for $10 a week. He attended college in Modesto, CA, learning HVAC.  To graduate, you had to construct a working unit from scratch; he ended up owning a business.  

His leisure time was spent building racing engines and being on the drag race circuit, racing all over the country. He met his wife of 55 years when he owned 27 horses and was involved in racing them. It was love at first sight. He and his wife have raised 3 daughters, 2 grandchildren and countless foster children. He currently has a total of 15 grandchildren. Knowing that he gave the foster children a safe place even for a short time was very satisfying.  

He is a retired EMT/Firefighter (on the nozzle); a hero that would give up his oxygen mask during fighting the fire to those they found in the burning buildings. His advice for others, “Believe in God; have God in your heart and soul and treat people good… be a Christian in all things.”