Meet Your July Resident of the Month

Meet Your July Resident of the Month: Keisha W. 

Keisha was born on March 5, 1977 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Vivian Walston and Willy Spivey. She is the next to the oldest of 12 siblings.

She attended Denby High School in Newport News, VA, and enjoyed softball, basketball, and swimming. After school, Keisha started to purse a career in healthcare, working towards counseling. She met her husband at a flower show; he was just starting a landscaping business after retiring from a nursing career.

They have four biological children and adopted two others, and are blessed with grandchildren. Keisha is part of the ‘Crown Vic’ Chapter 7 Auto Club, but has passed her car onto her son for the tradition to continue.

She gives these words of advice: “Don’t give up…Keep going…Stay motivated… Pick God first.” After having her stroke in 2018, she has been determined and preserved through a lot of challenges! Here at Regency, Keisha is involved with many recreation opportunities and stays active with her Bible Studies and other leisure pastimes.