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MEET ALISON GOODING, RN – Transition of Care Navigator at our Delaware Sites

MEET ALISON GOODING, RN – Transition of Care Navigator at our Delaware Sites: Ms. Gooding transitions our Residents along the road of recovery guiding them, their family members and caregivers with the information, education, skills and tools. Engaging the Patients & Residents in a more active role in their care – and recovery! With many […]

March 8: Registered Dietician Nutritionist Day

Healthy Fats: Truths & Myths Lauren Ronquillo, RD For years, medical and nutrition professionals warned against the dangers of a high-fat diet and recommended limiting fat, particularly saturated fats. We were told that low fat and high carbohydrate was the way to go for optimal health. The 1980s and 90s marked the height of the […]

The Real Gifts of the Holiday Season At Nationwide Healthcare Services, Inc.

Emerging from the holiday season, there is a special kind of sentimental longing that descends upon us as we step into a New Year and return to the not so festive tasks of everyday living. I was privileged to attend this season’s holiday programming at our Nationwide Healthcare Services Centers in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Each […]

Centenarian, older than her right to vote, casts ballot

Our cherished Regency Resident Laura Middleton was 8 years old in 1920 when the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. Today, nearly a century after the passage of women’s right to vote, at the age of 104, she submitted an absentee ballot from the place she calls home: Regency Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center! […]

Regency’s Very Own Turns 104!

Laura Middleton celebrated her 104th birthday this past July 4th and the local station stopped by to share in the celebration!  

Regency’s Halloween Haunted House a Big Hit!

“Ghouls just want to have fun.” The children were a bit frightened, however, the candy made it all better. Thanks to all who came out to the Haunted House today. A big thank you to our staff for all their talent and dedication to our residents and our community.

Regency and Regal Heights: Raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association!

Regency Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, and Regal Heights Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center: Raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association! This past Saturday evening, Christiana Care 6A Ace Unit (Acute Care of the Elderly) held its “Alzheimer’s Awareness Beef N’ Beer Benefit”. Represented by Susan, Melissa, Maryann, Nathalie, BJ, Regal Heights and Regency proudly participated with a […]