Meet our November Resident of the Month!

Say hello to our Resident of the Month: Michael M.!
Michael, our new Resident Council President, was born on August 13, 1960. He was born in Upper Darby but moved with his parents, Marion and Clifford, a Korean War Vet, to Elsmere early in his life. He attended Conrad High, playing outfield in baseball. Mike’s first job was pumping gas (at 50¢ a gallon…WOW!). He has three siblings.
His brother joined the Army, and Mike joined the Air Force in 1978, deploying to Morocco, Egypt, North Pole and Abu Dhabi, UAE. He served on Active Duty during Desert Storm and was part of the Air National Guard from Delaware, deployed to New Orleans during Katrina, get this….guarding a gas station. Total time served was 35 years. Retiring as a Senior Master Sargent (E-8), he spent the majority of the time as a Logistic Manager.
Mike’s advice is, “Go with the flow!” He is very active at Regency, joining many Activity Events. He pledges as our Resident Council President to be available to all Residents, to assist in being a Voice for All.