Meet Our January Resident of the Month

Tyere McManus was born on September 14, 1972 in Wilmington, DE, to parents Juanita and William. He has a fraternal twin, Tyrone; they are almost identical but Tyere is taller and Tyrone is a bit darker. Growing up on the Eastside, Tyere attended Glasgow High School; he learned to play varsity football as a tight-end. His favorite foods are chicken and fish, but vegetables are okay.  

His first job was at the Port of Wilmington as part of the Clerk & Checkers Union. Clerk Checkers are the foot-soldiers of the docks; responsible for anything that deals with cargo and the terminal areas involved with daily operations, just in case you wanted to know. Besides being a hard worker, he is a father of five, three boys and two girls. His Significant Other, Caula, is always in his corner. Tyere has these words of advice for others: “Stand by what you deliver”.  

Tyere is new to Regency but we’re glad he’s here!! We look forward to him graduating with his Rehab Goal to return home.